Cold Clash: Environment

This was my first inhouse game project at Hologate with the name Cold Clash.
Here I was responsible for:
- level design
- 3D asset creation
- lighting
- 2D asset creation

All assets that have extra screenshots are mine. all with a very low texture and optimally adapted for the vr environment. the game runs on 90fps in 4 player multiplayer.

Here is the trailer:

Max hoek levelffa logo
Max hoek iglu maxhoek

my 3d props

Max hoek props maxhoek

my 3d props

Max hoek environment maxhoek

my 3d props

Max hoek leveltdm logo
Max hoek yeticannon logo
Max hoek levellobbyinterior logo
Max hoek levellobby logo
Max hoek group logo
Max hoek sniper logo
Max hoek icehole logo