Virtual Reality Airbus A320 Cockpit

The aim of the present work was to create a cockpit of an Airbus A320 and to make it into a useful training software for pilots in combination with a game engine and VR.
Through this software in conjunction with VR, it is to be possible to practice certain procedures even outside the costly simulator.
The whole project was used as a test object for my bachelor work.

During the project I was responsible for all visual, as well as technical thinks in this direction. Starting with the planning of the cockpit layout, as well as highpoly / lowpoly modeling, texturing, material creation, lighting, UI and testing with pilots of Germanwings fell under my work area.

Together with Jerry Haindl, who took over the whole progammier part, it was possible for me to steer this project.

Get more informations on my portfolio website:

Max hoek vrairbusa320cockpit2
Max hoek vrairbusa320cockpit3
Max hoek vrairbusa320cockpit1

Video of the Virtual Reality Flight Training Demo

Max hoek a320wireframe3

Lowpoly Wireframe

Max hoek ue4cockpitviews

All different Viewmodes with the Lightsetup in UE4

Max hoek joystickwithwireframe

Small example of my modeling work with Highpoly Wireframe

Max hoek controller ui

UI Design (more informations on my website)

Max hoek cockpitdecalaction

Decal for all signings

Max hoek static

Final Materials

Max hoek materials

Created every Material from scratch by myself in Substance Designer